Monthly Archives: April 2008

Finally I have Flex 3 and AIR Posters

Yesterday I received the Flex 3 and AIR Posters. I was waiting for them since a few weeks and now I can read the content of the classes as I did it with the Flex 2 and ActionScript 3 posters.The posters are just like in the pdf file if you downloaded it.
This time, my favorite poster is the ActionScript 3 because it has the API for Adobe AIR too. And although the Flex 2 posters also have this API I think the ActionSciript is the core for all Flash Player.
Talking about Flex Framework posters… we now have one poster for Adittional Classes, one more for Advanced Classes and two posters for Core Classes.
Here I’ll place some images.
Posters AS and Flex (1)
Posters AS and Flex (2)

Finally I downloaded Firefox 3

Well, after months of being available Firefox 3 (Gran Paradiso), I decided to download Firefox 3 beta 5. I started to see some changes and improvements.., the JavaScript implementation, the CSS improvements, DOM Model, memory improvements, etc.
As you can imagine, one of the first things I saw was the javascript and DOM that this version of Firefox is using.

document.addEventListener("click", function() false, true);


let it = (i + 3 for (i in someObj));try {while (true) {document.write( + "
n");}} catch (err if err instanceof StopIteration) {document.write("End of record.

Also in the DOM now it’s supported the events: oncopy, oncut, onpaste. getElementByClassName() and more.
And finally, CSS has also new things. CSS improvements.Give it a try.

Microsoft Surface computer is comming this year

Last year Microsoft announced a surface computer with the capability of multi-touching and similar to a coffee-table. We could see some photos and videos about it.
This year that is comming true. Microsoft has now announced that AT&T will be the first to introduce Microsoft Surface in their stores to enhance mobile shopping experience. This will happen on April 17th.
Well, here you have some linksMicrosoft SurfaceAT&T First To Introduce Microsoft SurfaceAT&T Media Kits

Adobe and Linux Foundation

Yesterday Adobe launched AIR for Linux and Flex Builder (alpha 3) for Linux too. Also It was announced that Adobe joins Linux Foundation.
In the words of Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation: “Adobe’s membership will contribute to our goal of increasing even more application development on Linux with a specific emphasis on Web 2.0 applications.”
Developers tend to use Linux or any UNIX Based Operating System. I think this is one of the steps many of us were waiting for (also I’m waiting for “design view” in Flex Builder and many others), but it’s a good start up.