Monthly Archives: September 2008

Zend and Adobe ( PHP and Flex )

There are many people that use to work with Flex in the front layer and Java in the back layer, other people work with Flex and .NET but others usually work with Flex in front end and PHP for back end. I mean, you know that PHP is a very popular language as If you develop web pages / applications you must know at least how PHP works, who hasn’t created a typical mail sender for a contact page in a site?, well, now is time for integrating PHP with Adobe Flex.
Zend Technologies (The PHP Company) made an announcement saying that it’ll be collaborating with Adobe Systems Inc. for a better integration and performance of Flex applications that will be using PHP where one of the key features will be the integration of Action Message Format (AMF) Support in the Zend Framework.
You can read the complete article directly from Zend here and a review from the official flex team here.
I just wanna share this with you people. I’ll be waiting for the changes and improvements between this techs.