Monthly Archives: November 2008

Juice, a new excellent firefox extension

Today I downloaded this new extension for firefox called Juice.
If you’re one of the people who loves being informed and to know about everything, or almost everything, I can tell you that you need this extension.
Juice allows you to watch news, videos, images, blogs and everything in just one sidebar divided by tabs and buttons. You just have to drag any text from the main browser window to anywhere in the browser and Juice will try to find everything about that text.
You can also save your images and bookmark your favorite videos in Juice.
You should take a look at this new extension.

Adobe Flex 3 and AIR certification exam now available.

Well, good news for everyone who was waiting for the new certification in Flex 3 or AIR.
Few days ago Adobe released the ACE certification exam for Flex 3 and AIR (just one exam for both of them) and you can get all the information in certified community at
The price of the exam is US$ 150 as usual and right now is only available as Certification exam and just in Pearson VUE not re-certification exam.
I don’t really know if there will be re-certification for Flex 3 because it’s an enterprise Technology and because the AIR certification is included in the exam, not just Adobe Flex.
Good luck everybody.
Versión en español de este por la pueden encontrar en ->