Monthly Archives: December 2008

ServeBox Releases Foundry 2.0 [ Flex / Java framework ]

Since december 1st, brings together Maven Flex Plugin and ActionScript Foundry projects. AS Foundry was created in 2005. In 2007 the project turned into an open source project available on SourceForge. The new version 2.0 brings some fixes and add numerous new functionalities.
ServeBox’s ActionScript Foundry (AS Foundry) is made of productivity tools and ActionScript 3/Java framework. This framework leverage the power of both universe : Flex and Java.
Based on design patterns, the AS Foundry framework reduce the development cycle of complex applications. Indeed, you will find ready-to-use tools : data synchronization for MVC model, authorizations, internationalization, and even more ! This framework is divided into 5 librairies :
Commons : base types and tools,Foundry : MVC Framework,AirFoundry : ASFoundry extension in order to use it with Adobe AIR.Toolbox : advanced toolbox (navigation, ACL, full-text search…)Foundry-Java-Commons : Java classes created to speed up the development cycle for the client-side (Flex) and server-side (FDS-LCDS-BlazeDS).
You can use on of tutorials available on to understand how Foundry works.
Just take a look at it.