Monthly Archives: April 2009

New releases from ServeBox

ServeBox team has released a new version of the ActionScript Foundry framwerork. The new version 2.1.0 brings some fixes and add numerous new functionalities. The framework is now compatible with Spring ActionScript ( prana ). Improvements are listed below :

  • Added a useNameAsMatchPropery on SmartForm. This property is used to force SmartForm mechanism on name property instead of Id property. e.g : If the linked value object has a “label” or a “name” property , you will not be able to create a SmartForm element with “name” as id, this is a reserved work.
  • Load mechanism for external resources at startup refactored.
  • ISMartFormElement change event forwarded to SmartForm.
  • Added a rendererPaddingTop for SmartForm renderer alignment.
  • Use of flex SDK
  • ServeBox has also released a new version of Flex Plugin for Maven. The new version 2.2.0 contains a lot of new improvements :

  • Improved RSL dependencies support.
  • Improved compilation when optimize option is set to true.
  • Added modules support, modules can be configured, compiled and defined with flex:eclipse mojo.
  • Support of post-compilation optimization for modules.
  • resourcesDirectory option added.
  • resourcesPath added to compileSourceRoots.
  • Added localesDirectory property which allows locales compilation prior to artifacts compilation.
  • Added locales property (which now takes precedence on the former locale property).
  • You can find more on the team’s blog.