Flex 3 and AIR classes

A few days ago there were available the Adobe course materials of Flex 3 and Adobe Integrated Runtime. Now a days we’re giving one of the last courses of Flex 2 at Activ.
We’re actually studying those courses and I think it’ll be available at Activ in a few weeks. Also I can tell you that the courses are more specialized than previous. We’ll have a Cairngorm course, LiveCycle Data Services courses, Flex 3 courses, Flex 3 and the integration with ColdFusion, AIR for Flex and for JavaScript, and more.
I hope I could see some known faces right there.See you soon.

  1. Gabriela Portilla

    Speaking of Flex at Activ, I’m actually taking the last Flex 2 course and I will like to add that we are already working with Flex 3, which lets me know how important is to Activ to keep on top of things and to instruct in the best possible way. Thank you Activ and specially Alberto for sharing your knowledge and helping the community grow and catch up with the latest news.

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