Software Guru'08 Conference and Expo day 3

Today was the 3rd day in Software Guru 08 Conference and Expo. This time there were a lot of conferences related to project management, strategies for building software , technology, process improvements and more.
I attended to some sessions about, Share Point from Microsoft, Agile Modeling with UML, project management and a Rich Internet Applications conference where there were people from Adobe introducing Adobe Flex, Microsoft presenting Microsoft Silverlight, IBM talking about the web standards and Sun talking about JavaFX.
That was really good, many people were in the room, in fact, I embed some videos about that conference where you can see the quality and samples that were shown.
There was also an expo where some companies show their products, solutions and their offer to people that could be looking for business and providers.
Tomorrow it’ll be the last day of conferences and I hope I could have more pics from there. Here you have some media about the event.

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