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Finally I downloaded Firefox 3

Well, after months of being available Firefox 3 (Gran Paradiso), I decided to download Firefox 3 beta 5. I started to see some changes and improvements.., the JavaScript implementation, the CSS improvements, DOM Model, memory improvements, etc.
As you can imagine, one of the first things I saw was the javascript and DOM that this version of Firefox is using.

document.addEventListener("click", function() false, true);


let it = (i + 3 for (i in someObj));try {while (true) {document.write(it.next() + "
n");}} catch (err if err instanceof StopIteration) {document.write("End of record.

Also in the DOM now it’s supported the events: oncopy, oncut, onpaste. getElementByClassName() and more.
And finally, CSS has also new things. CSS improvements.Give it a try.