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Software Guru'08 Conference and Expo day 3

Today was the 3rd day in Software Guru 08 Conference and Expo. This time there were a lot of conferences related to project management, strategies for building software , technology, process improvements and more.
I attended to some sessions about, Share Point from Microsoft, Agile Modeling with UML, project management and a Rich Internet Applications conference where there were people from Adobe introducing Adobe Flex, Microsoft presenting Microsoft Silverlight, IBM talking about the web standards and Sun talking about JavaFX.
That was really good, many people were in the room, in fact, I embed some videos about that conference where you can see the quality and samples that were shown.
There was also an expo where some companies show their products, solutions and their offer to people that could be looking for business and providers.
Tomorrow it’ll be the last day of conferences and I hope I could have more pics from there. Here you have some media about the event.

Developing RIAs with Flex at SG08 Conference and expo.

Today Edgar Parada and I gave a tutorial about developing RIAs with Adobe Flex at Software Guru ’08 Conference and Expo. If you haven’t heard about SG Conference and Expo, it is an yearly event in Mexico dedicate to IT.
Last year we participated in this event as Speakers where we presented the Flex technology to people focused on Internet applications. This time it was a little different. We gave a tutorial where students learned to create a RIA with Flex Builder, they understood how flash player and flex works and how RIAs can take their work to the next level in the Internet Applications. It was an 8 hours class with around 30 students, mainly developers and some designers.
Their skills were good, really good (that’s one of the things I love), asking some questions about the integration with other CS3 products in the designers side, other questions about integration with BI technologies in the developers side and others about exchanging data with server techs like Java, Ruby and .NET, etc.
Finally we showed some examples including Adobe apps like acrobat.com (Buzzword, Share, ConnectNow), Flex Style Explorer, the famous Flex Store and some in-house applications.
Tomorrow the conferences will start and they have good speakers this time focused on Project Management. I’ve been invited and I’ll post a review about them later.