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Juice, a new excellent firefox extension

Today I downloaded this new extension for firefox called Juice.
If you’re one of the people who loves being informed and to know about everything, or almost everything, I can tell you that you need this extension.
Juice allows you to watch news, videos, images, blogs and everything in just one sidebar divided by tabs and buttons. You just have to drag any text from the main browser window to anywhere in the browser and Juice will try to find everything about that text.
You can also save your images and bookmark your favorite videos in Juice.
You should take a look at this new extension.

My firefox extensions

With this new release of Firefox 3 I’d like to post my favorite firefox extensions. Extensions that I use every day when I surf the Internet, in a developing process, when I talk by instant messengers, and more.
Here is the list.

  • Web Developer Toolbar (Obviously). For people who still don’t know Web Developer Toolbar I can tell you that you can explore so much stuff related to the current page you’re viewing in the browser. You can clear private data, show div order, enable/disable CSS, JavaScript, Java, Cache, resize the browser and more, and every one of them can be manipulated in a very easy way.
  • measureIt. This extension allows me to measure any region of the web page in a very ease way and at “runtime”. I mean, while you’re watching the pretty sidebar of a web page you can measure it and this tools can give you the pixels.
  • UrlParams. This extension allows me to view and modify every one of the parameters that are sent to the current web page I’m actually viewing in the browser. Every one of the “get” and “post” parameters. So now, you can see and modify those POST variables you didn’t event know were sent to the web page.
  • Better Gmail. As many of, you I also work with Google Mail and if that wasn’t enough I have three e-mail accounts hosted in Google using Google Applications for your domain, for having the same user interface in my private domains as in gmail. Better Gmail gives you more options and settings when you use gmail. Some of them can be very very useful. I do recommend this extension If you work with gmail every day.
  • del.icio.us buttons. This extension allows you to tag very quickly a web page to your del.icio.us account. You don’t need to open a del.icio.us page you just click on a button and that’s all, the web page will be tagged. Also you can go to your delicious account with one click.
  • Facebook toolbar. I’m sure many of you have a facebook account. This extension place an horizontal toolbar in firefox. From this, you can log in into your facebook account, go to your photos, friends, profile and more with a single click, this toolbar show a little popup when any of your friends has updated profile, or status, you can search in facebook and more.
  • Download status bar. “You’re not going to download a status bar”. This is a toolbar that is placed where the status bar is. Don’t you hate when you’re going to download something and a pop up window jumps right in front of you with all your firefox downloads ? I do. and when I found this extension I really loved it. This is done just for having a minimal view of the downloads and their progress. Once opened from the toolbar you wont see them again in firefox, just in the folder they are.
  • Well, these were my favorite firefox extensions. Do you have more you think are useful ??? Well, post a comment about them.


    Finally I downloaded Firefox 3

    Well, after months of being available Firefox 3 (Gran Paradiso), I decided to download Firefox 3 beta 5. I started to see some changes and improvements.., the JavaScript implementation, the CSS improvements, DOM Model, memory improvements, etc.
    As you can imagine, one of the first things I saw was the javascript and DOM that this version of Firefox is using.

    document.addEventListener("click", function() false, true);


    let it = (i + 3 for (i in someObj));try {while (true) {document.write(it.next() + "
    n");}} catch (err if err instanceof StopIteration) {document.write("End of record.

    Also in the DOM now it’s supported the events: oncopy, oncut, onpaste. getElementByClassName() and more.
    And finally, CSS has also new things. CSS improvements.Give it a try.