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Finally I downloaded Firefox 3

Well, after months of being available Firefox 3 (Gran Paradiso), I decided to download Firefox 3 beta 5. I started to see some changes and improvements.., the JavaScript implementation, the CSS improvements, DOM Model, memory improvements, etc.
As you can imagine, one of the first things I saw was the javascript and DOM that this version of Firefox is using.

document.addEventListener("click", function() false, true);


let it = (i + 3 for (i in someObj));try {while (true) {document.write(it.next() + "
n");}} catch (err if err instanceof StopIteration) {document.write("End of record.

Also in the DOM now it’s supported the events: oncopy, oncut, onpaste. getElementByClassName() and more.
And finally, CSS has also new things. CSS improvements.Give it a try.

OpenSource Adobe [.com]

With the release of these 2 technologies (Flex 3 and AIR 1.0) there were also web pages and sites that are online now. One of the most exciting of these sites is OpenSource Adobe (http://opensource.adobe.com). In this web site you can find the technologies that Adobe is contributing to and also the technologies you can contribute. In their own words

This site presents the definitive view into open source activities at Adobe

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