IceScrum and browsers troubles.

Few months ago I realized that the iceScrum version I use for job stop working on modern browsers.
When I tried to “Connect” with my account the system threw the next screen:

After trying different options, logs reviewing and more I could find a solution for the problem. I haven’t had time to dig into the iceScrum code but If you want to log into the system with modern browsers you just need to force the browsers to make all the requests with a different User-Agent in their headers.
As a former web developer I use to have all popular browsers installed just in case. I found the easiest way to change the User-Agent header is using Safari as web browser and activate the “Develop menu bar” from the Advanced tab in the preferences menu.

After that you just need to change the User-Agent in the Develop menu and try, for example, Safari 5.0.6. If you can not view the whole Menu Bar just press the <Alt> key.

And then just try to Connect again in iceScrum. You’ll have no more troubles.

Well, that’s all for now.