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Symbian, Android, iPhone OS and touchscreen mobile devices

Have you ever had a Nokia mobile device ? Amazing isn’t it ?? I mean the speakers, the reception, the battery, compatibility, functionality, hardware, etc. Nowadays I think the only thing they lack of is a good Operating System and it’s strange because years ago Symbian was one the best rated Operating Systems. Probably it still is one of the best OS but not for the latest devices and the tendency of them.
What we know is, since the iPhone, all other cell phone manufacturers have created their devices as touch screen oriented. But if you remember the next touch screen device appeared just some week after the iPhone. Obviously other manufacturers already had the technology on their hands before iPhone appeared. Now we are in the middle of a battle between touch screen devices and, for people directly involved in technology, their mobile device must be a touch screen.
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Creating a new Twitter client for mobile devices

Yesterday I decided to create a Twitter client for mobile devices. This new client will be created in Flash and you will be able to use it if you have Flash Lite 3 installed on your device. Flash Lite 3 can be installed in many many devices and actually there are some of them that have Flash Lite 3 preinstalled.
Right now I’m in the planning stage and, with this post, I’m asking for feedback and some functionality that you’d like to see in this new client.
Some people already told me what they would like to see.I’ll list what I have today.

  • Based on Twhirl
  • Retweets
  • Direct Messages
  • Favorites
  • Identify conversations
  • Short URL
  • Support for images
  • Avatars
  • Lookup and search
  • Friends and Followers
  • Hints while typing twitter IDs
  • If you have any other functionality that you want to add to the client, please comment in this post.
    Kind Regards.