Do you really know what a hacker is ?

Personally I almost never use the word “Hacker”. Why’s that? Well, I don’t like how people use it nowadays. Newspapers, magazines, TV, even Internet use to name “hacker” to every person who breaks into a bank account, steals information, gets into an e-mail account, corrupts a program and, in general, any kind of criminal acts related to computing.

Personally I think being a “hacker” involves much more than that. People with some computing knowledge know that when you find a real hacker you will not want to loose the contact. Being a real hacker involves to know a lot of useful things about almost everything. You can ask them something about literature and they will know about the topic, you can ask them about politics and they will know, about administration, psychology and, really, almost every topic you can think of.

How do they obtain the information ? Well, it’s a simple question but the answer can be very complex.

Reading (also real books obviously), blogging, watching, listening and with almost every activity they do. After that the information is analyzed, is associated, linked and stored very very carefully for being able to find it in the future, when ? when they need it and just when they need it. Real hackers will never tell you all the stuff they know, will never presume their knowledge, even they will not tell you if you are wrong until you ask for their opinion. You must never underestimate a hacker, that is a terrible mistake and you must know that the way they think is extremely fast. Maybe you’re thinking that you will surprise them but trust me, they already thought in that situation.

All that information can only be acquired sacrificing part of their life. Usually the social part.

They know the power they have and they know exactly the things they can do. Even so… they know that they will never know everything.

7 thoughts on “Do you really know what a hacker is ?”

  1. you know what guys hackers are smart because of their life situation and family’s they think hard and fast
    be cause of 1 thing attention hackers don’t have enough attention with their love ones that’s why they intend to steel to learn so their will be someone who hates them who loves them as long as that someone has an attention to that hacker (1 good example of that is Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook) cause he hack some website,internet and server to get an attention

    for me i couldn’t call my self as a hacker yet(YET) cause i’m still practicing

  2. There are hackers and crackers; a cracker breaks or steals software and data, hackers tinker with software and data.

    1. I remember a couple of decades ago there used to be named crackers, hackers, phrackers, and more. Then they changed to black hat, gray hat and white hat hackers. Now, people tend to use the word “hacker” for everyone of them. I don’t really like that.

      Thanks for the comment.

  3. Tu ya me conoces desde hace tiempo Zai. No lo se, no lo se. Probablemente tengas razón 😉

  4. Ese silencio que le rodea a su personalidad, me hace pensar que siempre ha estado latente un hacker, en su interior.

    1. hahaha I knew you were going to ask this question. What do you think ?

      No, I don’t, at least not yet.

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